Night Of The Grumprs

A comic story about three teenagers and an anthropologist, trapped in a museum with a multiplying number of biting monsters. The button below launches the ongoing story. The story updates periodically and I will post update notifications on social media (see bottom of page for social links).


Grumprs are a product of an ancient curse. They protect Flatrock’s sleeping mummies and have risen because a mummy has been disturbed. Each Grumpr desires to eliminate threats and restore the mummies’ peaceful slumber. Their tactic is to turn people into more Grumprs, by biting them.


Todd is quiet but sharp. He likes reading & school but has trouble expressing himself and going after what he wants. Todd spends a significant amount of time at the Flatrock museum and never misses an event. He has a variety of interests, but most recently, a teenager named Lucy.


Lucy is rather smart, but sometimes her emotions get the better of her. She works evenings at the Flatrock museum and is an assistant to Dr. Fields, a professor at Flatrock University and the lead anthropologist at the museum. Lucy is an independent thinker and enjoys playing varsity volleyball.


Richter is a big obnoxious jerk. Though he grew up attending the same quality schools with Todd and Lucy, he has a sense of self-superiority and enjoys belittling the very people that occasionally refer to him as a "friend". Nobody knows (or wants to know) what Richter does in his free time.

Dr. Fields

Dr. Fields has been teaching anthropology at Flatrock University for years. Her research led to a discovery that unearthed an ancient civilization, right beneath the town of Flatrock. Dr. Fields is happy to always be working; her drive, dedication, and intellect are unmatched.

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